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Our Story

Our vision and values have guided us on a journey of growth and success since 2019. Learn more about who we are.

Our vision at TSN Partners is to be the leading provider of world-class recruitment solutions that empower our clients to attract and retain the best talent. We will achieve this by continuously improving our processes and technologies, and by building strong partnerships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

We envision a future where our clients can rely on us to handle all of their recruitment needs, from sourcing and screening candidates to onboarding and retention. We will leverage our global network of resources and expertise to deliver the highest quality candidates, and we will use data-driven insights to help our clients make informed hiring decisions.

We walk the talk. We believe in putting our words into action and demonstrating our dedication in all that we do. TSN Partners takes pride in following through on our promises and living up to the standards we set for ourselves.

We relentlessly pursue learning and growth opportunities. Our unwavering determination drives us to always strive for excellence in all we do.

We have the best tailored fit solutions; bringing clients value is the ultimate priority. TSN Partners puts the needs of our clients first and deliver custom, guaranteed solutions that meet their unique requirements.

We interact as a corporate family community. Marked by a strong sense of belonging, mutual respect, and a desire to support each other’s success, this family atmosphere is the cornerstone of our corporate culture.

We choose to be positive and unwavering to challenges. TSN Partners firmly believes that a positive outlook and optimistic attitude are crucial to overcoming obstacles and reaching our goals. This mindset is reflected in the way we approach our work.

Every key milestone that TSN has attained throughout the years shows the company’s development and expansion. TSN’s diligence, effort, and dedication have paid off, and these accomplishments need to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Growing TSN’s clientele from 1 account to 13 accounts is essential for the development and sustainability of the business. By adding additional clients, TSN is able to diversify its sources of income and lower the danger of being too dependent on just one. Additionally, it demonstrates that TSN’s standing and caliber of work are winning over additional customers, which is encouraging for the future of the business.

In just four years, TSN went from having less than 20 people to having over a hundred, which is an amazing accomplishment and a credit to their commitment and diligence. The company has experienced rapid growth, which is a sign of a strong and successful enterprise. TSN will be able to take on more work, broaden its scope of services, and assist more clients as a result of the increase in workforce.

Each company should view moving to a new location as a major accomplishment that marks the beginning of fresh growth and expansion. With the addition of its state-of-the-art building and facilities, the new structure might offer TSN more space, better amenities, and an atmosphere that is more conducive to work. Also, it offers TSN the chance to modernize its gear and technology, boosting its productivity and competitiveness.

TSN Training Bootcamp

TSN Partners Training Boot Camp for Recruiters is an intensive 60 days program designed to equip recruiters with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industry. The boot camp focuses on providing comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the recruitment process, including sourcing, screening, and onboarding.

The boot camp begins with an in-depth introduction to the recruitment process and the essential skills needed to excel in the industry. Participants learn about the various sourcing techniques, such as job boards, social media, and referrals, and how to identify the most qualified candidates. They also learn about the importance of screening candidates, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates’ skills and qualifications.

The boot camp also includes hands-on training in application during nesting and on-the-job training in production with actual accounts. Participants learn how to use recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems, to streamline the recruitment process and manage candidate data. They also learn how to communicate effectively with hiring managers, negotiate job offers, and provide exceptional customer service to clients and candidates alike.

Moreover, the boot camp provides training in compliance and regulatory requirements related to recruitment, such as equal employment opportunity laws and background checks. Participants also learn about the importance of data privacy and security, and how to comply with various state and federal regulations.

By the end of the boot camp, participants will have developed a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the RPO industry. They will be able to effectively source and screen candidates, manage recruitment software, and provide exceptional customer service to clients and candidates alike. With the hands-on experience gained during nesting and on-the-job training, participants will be well-equipped to handle actual accounts and produce excellent results for their clients.